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Hello there, welcome to Honda CB360.com!  My name is Brenden Macaluso, I am an owner, rider and experienced mechanic specializing in vintage engines of all kinds. I got my first 360 over 8 years ago and had a hell of a time finding parts and information about the bike.  Thus I created this site to help you with the parts, tools, information and support to get your 360 back on the road. The goal for this site is to be an on going support hub for all CB360, CL360, and CJ360 owners. We are based in Houston, Texas, USA. Check out our cooperatively run community shop, the Common Motor Collective.

I’ve been working hard to get more part listing up on the site and continue to expand the 360 parts catalog. If you are looking for something and it is not on the site, contact me using the form, chances are it is available. It is my goal to have the best parts available for your 360 and every part sold has been tested on our bikes here at the shop. We do like to pride ourselves to help each member of the 360 community with technical knowledge and support for your bike rather than just another e-commerce retailer.  Need help? You can always email or call with any technical questions you have about the bike.  Also you can get a better shipping rate if you place an order directly via email. If you are not sure what parts and tools you will need for your bike, just ask!   Email me,use the contact form or call 832-356-7670.  Always glad to help.

Brenden Macaluso Honda 360

My personal CB360. It’s been ridden all over Texas and is a daily commuter in Houston.

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