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Carburetor Rebuild Kit

Parts Description: So the varnish in your carburetors is thicker than grandma's molasses and all your brass parts are corroded to dust.  Yep been there before, and this master carburetor rebuild kit will square up the 360 Keihin factory carburetor.  This is the most complete carburetor kit on the market for the 360, we know because we build them ourselves. Sold individually, one kit rebuilds one carburetor, two kits are required per bike.  If you are hunting for just a Carburetor O-ring Kit or Main Jets we got them too.

Installation Tip: Clean everything very thoroughly, blow compressed air and run a small piece of wire through all the passages.  Float height works better at 16mm over the factory 18mm spec.  Check your Slide Diaphragms and Intake Manifolds for holes and cracks.


Kit Includes:

  • Main Jet size 100
  • Pilot / low speed jet size 35
  • Float needle and seat
  • Main jet needle
  • Idle needle w/spring
  • O-rings for:

Float bowl
Idle needle
Float needle seat
Drain Plug


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